Introducing Acquia’s DXP Vision, Strategy, Renaming and Repackaging

Please join our Executive Team for a special and exclusive Partner Bootcamp where we will introduce Acquia's new product strategy and explain how it will help you create more sales opportunities and drive revenue growth. 

You will come away from this webinar knowing:

  • Acquia’s vision, strategy, and opportunity in the DXP market
  • How our products and roadmap will achieve this vision
  • What our new product branding and packages are, and how these map to the old branding and packages
  • New services opportunities available to Partners
  • New Partner selling tools now available


Featured Speakers

Chris Doggett, Chief Revenue Officer, Acquia
Chris Doggett, Chief Revenue Officer, Acquia
Kevin Cochrane, SVP, Product Marketing
Kevin Cochrane, SVP, Product Marketing, Acquia
Peter Ford Vice President, Global Channels, Partners, and Alliances
Peter Ford, Vice President, Global Channels, Partners & Alliances, Acquia