Increasing Agility with Acquia Pipelines Beta

High performing software development teams will use some form of an agile methodology to produce their work, releasing it in iterations, or even continuously. Awareness can be seen as the root of agility in these development environments. An example of increasing agility by increasing awareness can be seen in implementations of continuous integration, which is the maximizing and automating of awareness during software development.

tech webinar

By using Acquia Pipelines Beta for continuous integration, software development teams can increase their awareness of how their work is coming together, thereby increasing their agility. Kelly Albrecht and Rob Bayliss, of Last Call Media, will discuss the value, best practices, and techniques in using Acquia Pipelines Beta for better software development and product releases.

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • The relationship between awareness and agility
  • The foundations of continuous integration
  • Some concrete ways to use Pipelines Beta to increase agility

Watch the recorded webinar