How To Enhance CX Through Personalised, Automated Solutions

Automation of processes and optimisation of self-service are key when ensuring dialogue and direct support in moments of need. Freed up resources as a result of efficient self-service can be allocated to supporting customers in difficult situations. Equally, personalised and automated advice is proven to be extremely valuable when timely answers are needed and decisions are to be made.

Personalisation - seamless customer experience: is this possible? How do you build consumer confidence to provide data for effective personalisation?

In this webinar, Acquia will share advice and best practices on how to leverage knowledge and intelligent advice to provide instant value both for customers and employees.

  • What consumers feel about personalisation (CX Survey results)
  • How to understand customer intent across multiple engagement channels
  • The importance of permission-based data sharing and moving beyond cookie-based data collection
  • Discuss with CX experts on best practices, challenges, solutions and examples that audience can relate to
  • Get advice on where to turn for support, how to quickly adopt use cases of intelligent advice, and answers to your questions
  • Hear about how personalized advice and automated decisions can make a difference for your service model, your customers and employee