How Audi Australia Digitised it’s Vocational Training

The vocational training market is increasingly offered COTS options for managing student progress. This case study shows how Audi Australia chose to go another way – using Drupal and Acquia to tailor and enhance their training outcomes and outputs.

Audi Australia now has a world-leading, customised student management system that goes above and beyond government requirements while supporting the entire network of dealers and service centres in Australia.

Graham and Justin will share the processes used and challenges overcome while moving to an in-house digital environment for apprentice management, including the effective use of service design to develop clear customer experience journeys that lead to the delivery of innovative technology solutions.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Audi Australia's challenges and opportunity
  • The approach, delivery, and design implemented
  • Challenges and insights
  • Key results and why it worked

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About the presenters

Graham is lead developer at GMWEB, a boutique web development company specialising in multi-platform integrated solutions that support and automate enterprise-wide business processes.

Graham O'Connell
Justin Barrie

Justin Barrie is founder and Principal at service design agency, Design Managers Australia. Over the past decade, he has worked with clients to deliver innovation in public sector service delivery in fields as diverse as taxation, policing, scientific research, water management, human services, health, sports industry development and local government.

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