An Hour with Dries: Product and Strategy Updates for Partners

By now you’ve heard about our recent additions of Mautic, Cohesion, and AgilOne. These technologies are already providing enormous value to our customers, and they are helping us rethink the way we group our products and go to market. It’s an incredibly exciting time. But what exactly does it mean for Acquia’s partners? 

As an organization that prides itself on being Partner-First, we want to make sure you are educated about our roadmap and strategy and ready to take full advantage of these changes to drive bigger, better, and faster results. 

Listen to Acquia Co-Founder and CTO, Dries Buytaert, along with Acquia Lead Product Evangelist, Eric Fullerton, to get a detailed update about our product strategy and roadmap and learn how you should be positioning Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform to your clients and prospects. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Acquia’s new two-cloud model
  • Updates to the roadmap for Acquia Cloud, Cohesion, Lightning, and more
  • Competitive differentiators for Mautic and AgilOne
  • Our vision for a unified Marketing Cloud and an update on solution integration
Eric Fullerton, Lead Product Evangelist, Acquia
Eric Fullerton, Lead Product Evangelist, Acquia
Dries Buytaert
Dries Buytaert, CTO & Founder, Acquia