Lars Holm Sørensen Headshot on Light Blue Background
Accessibility Expert Monsido Acquia

Lars Holm Sørensen

Lars makes web accessibility & WCAG meaningful for everyone in organisations. In 2011 he decided to combine his technical background with his user perspective as a blind person to help organisations achieve good digital accessibility. And ultimately provide people with the ability to participate actively in society and in their own lives.

Lars’ help takes the form of inspirational presentations, workshops, network groups, advice, tests, teaching and coaching. He has now, among other things, contributed to:, Min Sundhedsplatform, Nets Denmark A/S, Jyske Bank A/S, DR, TV 2 Play, the Danish Agency for Digitalisation, the Danish Business Authority, KL, the Municipality of Copenhagen, the Ministry of Children and Education, FFW Agency, Nine A/S, KEA and Aarhus University.