A Future-Focused Digital Platform with Drupal 8

This just in: Al Jazeera Media Network, a leading provider in news and media broadcasting, is investing in its future by building a global, multi-lingual, unified CMS platform to streamline the creation and personalized delivery of news with Drupal 8.

Al Jazeera’s digital partner, Phase2, leveraged Lighting to accelerate development on the Drupal 8 enterprise platform.

Register for this webinar to learn from Phase2 Software Architect Mai Irie, who led the project, as well as Lighting expert John Kennedy, about how this global media organization leveraged Lighting to expedite platform development. You’ll learn:

  • The basics of Lightning
  • Al Jazeera’s technical challenges and requirements
  • Why use Lightning?
  • How to use Deploy, Multi-version, and Replication modules to support an enterprise content repository
  • How Al Jazeera Media Network transformed its editorial workflow with Drupal 8 tools

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