Drupal Website Optimisation: How to protect and enhance your digital investment

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In the modernised business world, our digital assets are one of our biggest investments. We need our digital assets to be built for the ultimate user experience: one that performs in usability, find-ability, speed and security, and one that simultaneously provides rich, personalised digital experiences. In this webinar, we are joined by the CTO of Sitback Solutions, to discuss key trends for technical marketers.

Topics we will cover in this webinar include:

  • Web Core Vitals and SEO - Ensure you website performs at it's best and ranks well in Google so your customers can find you no matter where they are or what device they're using

  • Accessibility - Increase your customer-base by 20% with the core concepts you need to know to ensure that anyone, regardless of ability, can use your website
  • Security - How to protect your website against bad actors or employee mistakes

  • Hosting - The pros and cons of IaaS and PaaS solutions and how to extend Drupal 7 End-Of-Life by up to 2 years, buying your company more time for the Drupal 9 upgrade

  • Personalisation - Your website is fast, accessible and secure. Now it's time to tailor the experience for each individual customer to drive engagement, conversion and repeat visits.

Featured Speakers

Imon Headshot

Imon Hoque

Chief Technology Officer

Sitback Solutions