Drupal is Changing, Quickly: How and Why

It seems like as soon as Drupal 7 was released we were all hearing about how awesome Drupal 8 was going to be. Have you heard all the buzz about the new features being developed now for Drupal 9? No? That’s because they are being developed and added to Drupal 8. Now!

Drupal 8 has changed the way Drupal core is developed.

This session is to let you know about how those changes will affect you, no matter whether you are a site builder, module developer, business owner or anyone else involved with Drupal.

Topics to be covered:

  • Semantic Versioning: New features are now being added to Drupal in minor releases such as 8.3.0, 8.4.0, etc.
  • Scheduled Releases: You can now count on when those minor versions are released(with new features!)
  • Experimental Modules: new experimental modules have been added to core
  • The Ideas Queue: Where the big ideas start, which turn into tomorrow’s features

Watch the recorded webinar