Distributed Marketing: How to Avoid Brand Chaos, Fragmented Data, Workflow Waste, and Lousy ROI

What's Covered?

  • Solving for the lack of a unified customer view and for operational sprawl
  • Crafting personalized customer journeys within an effective ABM framework
  • Implementing streamlined operations for greater ROI and workflow efficiency
Additional Info

Marketing teams in multiple locations across the country or across global markets? Multiple brands and marketing channels? Multiple partners and networks in multiple geographies?

Then you know just how darned difficult it is to ensure branding and customer experience consistency, operational and workflow efficiency, legal and regulatory oversight, and a reliable central source of data and analytics.

Teams get misaligned, messaging loses focus and impact, data doesn't inform planning, campaigns flounder. You can't scale. You bleed leads. Your ROI tanks.
How can you tame all that chaos?

Often the best way to learn is by example, and in this webinar you'll discover how Combe, a US-based personal-care company operating three distinct brands in 64 countries, was able to confront—and overcome—those challenges.

You'll discover how Acquia and its strategic partner Material helped Combe scale and automate its distributed marketing, ensuring both customer experience consistency and personalized customer journeys, improving operations and workflow, and significantly boosting lead gen and marketing ROI.

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