Designing Resilient Digital Customer Experiences in Disruptive Times: Presenting 2021 CX Report

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2020 & 2021 have become two years of phenomenal change & disruption, and as marketers, we are only beginning to understand the impact these changes are having on brands and their relationships with customers. In our new report, “Deliver a Modern Digital CX: A Guide for Marketing Innovators,” Acquia worked with Vanson Bourne to collect the views of consumers and marketers across both Australia and globally.

Within this informative webinar, partnered with Vanson Bourne, we aim to highlight the findings of this report, and the impacts this has for marketers particularly in the Australian Pacific Region.

Customer behaviours have shifted during the crisis and may not revert to pre-pandemic norms. The survey explores shifts in marketing and consumer expectations about CX and privacy. Join us for this webinar to learn what insight the CX report provides on how marketers can transform their CX in fundamental, business-impacting ways.

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What’s covered? We are glad you asked! We will be discussing all of the following key trends:

  • Key trends in Australia, NZ & Singapore, around adoption of marketing and customer experience (CX) technology 
  • How organisations are pivoting their CX strategy amid pandemic-related disruptions and heightened privacy demands
  • How the use of first-party customer data can help marketers bridge the trust gap with consumers

Featured Speakers

Chloe Byrne

Chloe Byrne

Associate Director (Research)

Vanson Bourne