Conquering Digital Sprawl: The Role of Governance in Your Digital Portfolio

Managing many sites - dozens to hundreds - is difficult. It’s costly, inefficient and causes inconsistency across your domains. The source of your problem - lack of the consistent governance required to manage your portfolio of sites - isn’t going away. Over time, more and more sites will come online, and all of those new sites will need to be maintained and managed.

Good news: you’re not alone. Large organizations - from global companies to higher education institutions - manage many digital experiences and web properties for different brands, products, marketing campaigns and communities. Add in the complexity of managing multiple websites regionally, in local languages, duplicate code, varying content management systems and clunky legacy technologies, and chaos is likely to ensue.

In this webinar, we will will explore the following:

  • Why governance should be central to your digital strategy
  • What questions you should ask to help focus on solving the right problems
  • How to determine if your multisite processes and technologies need a governance facelift
  • How to bring governance and order to your digital sprawl

Watch the recorded webinar