Composable Commerce: Conquering An Unknown Future

Today, business is anything but usual. To thrive, and even just survive, organizations of all types must continually evolve and improve their buying experience. Today’s customer is already accustomed to an optimized experience in their B2C purchases. And now, they expect the same from B2B interactions.

Future-focused companies understand that the buying experience is an extension of their brand and a key to customer loyalty. Building an easier, more intuitive, and more effective purchase process doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Developing an experience that conquers today’s challenges and is prepared for what’s to come begins with a Composable Commerce approach.

Composable Commerce empowers ecommerce teams to assemble the ideal combination of commerce solutions to satisfy their unique business requirements. It’s highly effective, and it’s something brands can do right now. In our 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you how.

Our panel of experts feature:

  • Anthony Colichio, Digital Strategist at Acquia
  • Brian Gilmore, Global Director, Technical Sales at Elastic Path

The topics they discuss include:

  • How commerce solutions help define the brand experience for B2C and beyond
  • The technical implications of a Composable Commerce approach
  • Positioning your commerce solutions to overcome unknown requirements

This is an invaluable opportunity to learn how to put a Composable Commerce strategy to work for your organization, and deliver the successful buying experience today’s customer demands.

Anthony Colichio
Anthony Colichio, Digital Strategist, Acquia
Brian Gilmore Global Director, Technical Sales
Brian Gilmore, Global Director, Technical Sales, Elastic Path