CMS Buyer’s Guide for Insurance

Nearly every aspect of the insurance industry is undergoing an unprecedented shift. Disruptive startups, evolving customer demands, burgeoning data availability, and other factors are upending the long-standing status quo. Today’s insurance providers are challenged to attract and retain customers in this increasingly commoditized category. And it all starts with the right digital foundation.

In this webinar, we join digital agency partner Mediacurrent to weigh the pros and cons of leading Content Management System (CMS) platforms for insurance, focusing on Drupal and WordPress through the lens of different departmental buyer perspectives.  

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Why Drupal is a strong fit for the insurance industry
  • The most important criteria for stakeholders in digital transformation (marketers, business leaders, and developers) to compare CMS options
  • The 3 key features of a successful CMS for insurance: Scalable, Intelligent, Simple


Tom Wentworth
Tom Wentworth, SVP of Product Marketing, Acquia
Bill Shaouy
Bill Shaouy, Sr. Business Analyst, Mediacurrent