Built for Integration: Why Drupal 8 Should Be the Glue to Your Stack

Integrate your stack to make better business decisions and be more efficient. Every organization has many martech solutions. While each tool can deliver a new capability, it also represents a new data silo, which drastically limits the usefulness of the information contained inside it. Build your stack with integrations in mind to help access your data in context of each other and make better decisions.

The Drupal community built Drupal 8 to be the integration point for any suite of digital tools. With a robust API system, Drupal 8 is uniquely positioned to help your organization by unifying your systems and data. Join us to learn:

  • Tangible business benefits for integrating your marketing platform
  • What makes Drupal 8 a uniquely qualified point of integration for your marketing stack
  • Real world Drupal 8 integration stories - from Salesforce to Magento

Watch the recorded webinar