Bringing Velocity and Momentum to Digital Transformation Projects

If your digital transformation efforts feel like they are forever stuck in the planning stage, you're not alone.

Fear, risk and the unknown often paralyse organisations. 

Transformation is not a tick-the-box, one-off project - it's constant and ever evolving. Whilst bringing velocity to rapid transformation delivers quick wins, there is a perceived risk that more can go wrong when this approach is taken. At what point does the opportunity lost outweigh the purpose of bringing that vision to life?

Drawing on lessons learned from high-velocity digital transformations for enterprise built on Drupal and Acquia, Loud&Clear's Managing Director & Co-founder, Ben Beath, will bring to life a framework for delivering customer value in just 12 weeks.

Ben Beath - Managing Director & Co-founder, Loud&Clear 

Ben Beath - Managing Director & Co-founder, Loud&Clear

In 2009, Ben co-founded Loud&Clear, and since then has worked to build a team of 145 that combines relentless curiosity, technical capability, and creative digital design to lead digital transformations and build world class product experiences visited by over 15 million people every month.

In his career, Ben has played key roles in building products for some of Australia's leading brands . His experience playing pivotal roles in digital transformations for AGL, Football Federation Australia, and Bank First allows him to talk confidently about how to mesh technology decisions with customer-centred design thinking.

As an investor, Ben has been the technical co-founder of Sidekicker (exited to Seek) and FanHub (exited in 2017), and brings a strong product development discipline to digital transformation.

Connecting organisations and people has become a pillar of Loud&Clear's capability and culture. Ben enjoys coming up with innovative solutions for his clients, but he relishes teaching them how to innovate for themselves.


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