Beyond Websites: Using Drupal For Digital Signs

Additional Info

Drupal 8 can power experiences beyond the traditional web. As more data rich APIs become available, Drupal can be used to accumulate data, identify a variety of devices in an Internet of Things network and then route data to the appropriate places.

digital signage

Given Drupal’s own rich content management capabilities, the CMS can still be utilized to enhance this datastream - making it that much more relevant based on location, language or any other metadata stored in it. In this presentation we will demonstrate how to use Drupal 8 to power a real-time signage system and discuss the techniques to build your own!

What’s Covered:

  • Responsive Techniques to support different display sizes.
  • ADA rules around public signage. We’re not just talking WCAG/508 anymore!
  • How to rebroadcast data from other sources.
  • Data Delivery Methods: Push and Pull models.
  • Sizing and Scaling your network of Signs.
  • Fault tolerance on your Kiosk.
  • Why even use Drupal to power a sign?