Best Practice Checklist for Building a Drupal Website

Before you launch a Drupal site, how do you make sure that you haven't missed anything and that your site is ready to launch? If someone else is going to be maintaining the site, how do you make sure the site can be easily maintained? While Drupal provides lots of functionality out-of-the box, even the simplest website requires configuration, installing contributed modules, and the checking of checkboxes.

In this webinar, Suzanne Kennedy will walk you through a checklist of best practices for Drupal site building including:

  • A list of default configurations that often need to be updated
  • Site building techniques to help administrators and others maintain the site
  • Pre-launch items that need to be updated before the site goes live

Whether you're a sitebuilder, administrator or project manager, this presentation will help you avoid post-launch hassles and ensure that you're following best practices for building a sustainable Drupal website.

Watch the recorded webinar