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Experience the Digital Freedom Tour at Engage 2022

Engage and the Widen Summit have combined! We're excited to be back in person and welcome the Widen community into ours.


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Engage Tour

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Digital Freedom Tour

Engage is about you. About our community. So we're coming to you. 5 cities, 5 events, where we’ll gather to explore, learn, and be together. Expect brilliant ideas, impressive accomplishments, and all the actionable insights you can handle. Acquia's there and we hope you'll meet us.

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Engage Paris

June 15, 2023


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The Lineup

Coming to a City Near You

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Engage Paris

June 15, 2023

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Engage London (Past)

This event has already happened. Stay tuned for on-demand content from Acquia Engage London

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Engage New York City (Past)

This event has already happened. Stay tuned for on-demand content from Acquia Engage New York City

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Engage Miami (Past)

This event has already happened. Stay tuned for on-demand content from Acquia Engage Miami.

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Engage Chicago (Past)

This event has already happened. Stay tuned for on-demand content from Acquia Engage Chicago.

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Listen to stories and hear insights from some of the biggest names, thought leaders, and superstars across the technology industry.

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Learning & Workshops

Sharpen your focus and attend workshop sessions specifically tailored to developers, DAMsters, IT leaders, marketers, and more!

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Enhanced Sponsorships

Meet, greet, and network with a sizable crew of Acquia Partners and Sponsors.

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Tricks of the trade, amusing anecdotes, and kicking back to relax with each other is what networking with our community is all about.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who attends Acquia Engage?
Now that Acquia Engage has pulled the Widen Summit into its orbit, we've expanded who the event is geared toward. Acquia customers, partners, and prospects formerly made up the bulk of attendees, and now we’re adding the Widen world to the crew — digital asset managers, librarians, marketing managers, graphic designers, content strategists, marketing technologists, and the list goes on. This is all to say that Acquia Engage is built for anyone with a hand in digital experience and asset management — whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran, Engage is for you.
Is there a contact for questions?
Please email [email protected] with any questions.
What’s on the agenda?
Each stop on the tour will include a full schedule of exciting keynotes, enticing sessions, and plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded innovators. Detailed agendas will be published soon. Please check back for the latest information.
Can Acquia partners participate?
Partner organizations can participate in several ways: become an event Sponsor; submit a project to the Engage Awards; and participate as members of the Engage community.
How can Acquia partners find out more about sponsorship?
We’ve reimagined Engage Sponsorship to ensure our valued sponsors get the most from their involvement. Expect enhanced digital capabilities, a prominent presence, and multiple opportunities to engage our audience of innovators. If you're interested in sponsoring, please reach out to [email protected]