Sun and Ski Sports: Using the CDP to Reach Customers Where They Are

What's Covered?

  • Who our customers are and where we find them
  • When to create data feeds into and out of Acquia CDP
  • How to identify and create audience segments
  • What factors go into making return customers
Additional Info

Today’s customers want interacting with a brand to be easy - they expect a seamless transition between browsing social media, researching online, and picking up in-store.

For companies like Sun & Ski Sports with a nationwide online and in-store presence, this means having to wrangel data from a dozen different sources in order to create meaningful messages that will resonate with the customer.

Handcrafting messages for each and every customer is a nice idea. The only problem is that doing so for thousands of customers every day is only possible with the help of some very powerful tools. All of that data needs to be stored, organized, accessed, and shared - all at a moment’s notice. The only way that’s possible is through a CDP.