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The Drupal Association has announced that the final end-of-life (EOL) date for Drupal 7 will be January 5th, 2025.

Acquia is committed to supporting Drupal 7 users for as long as possible.

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Understanding the Drupal 7 Migration

Common questions and answers for D7 migrations.

What is Acquia’s plan to support Drupal 7 customers?

Acquia is committed to support Drupal 7 users for as long as possible. 

What is the impact of staying on Drupal 7 past the EOL date?

The impact of staying on Drupal 7 beyond the community’s end of life is the increasing risk of security issues. After the EOL date of Drupal 7 passes, the community will no longer address potential or known security vulnerabilities which could put your Drupal 7 site at risk  The Drupal Association also plans to begin dropping support for unmaintained modules as the D7 EOL approaches, which could result in a loss of functionality from contributed modules even before the official EOL date.

What are my Drupal 7 migration options? 

There are a couple of options for your Drupal 7 sites. An organization can migrate to Drupal 10, make their Drupal 7 site static, or make their Drupal 7 site headless. 

What version of PHP does my Drupal site need to be on?

Drupal 7 supports a variety of PHP versions. PHP 7.4 is supported throughout the D7 ecosystem (but will be EOL on the Acquia Platform as of October 2023–we are offering LTS support for D7 customers through October 2024 free of charge and for an additional fee beyond this time). PHP 8.1 is supported as of 7.92 and PHP 8.2 is supported as of 7.94. See supported versions on for more information. To move to Drupal 10, your organization must be running PHP 8.1 or higher.

How do I get help with my Drupal 7 migration?

There are a variety of ways to get help on your Drupal 7 migration. You can work with a partner who can help you understand what your migration will look like. Acquia can also offer Professional Services to help customers complete Drupal 7 migrations. 

How do I migrate my custom code off of Drupal 7?

Migrating custom code can be a complicated process. For a full set of instructions on how to migrate custom code, view our resources that support your custom code migration. 

Why is the Drupal 7 migration complex?

The complexity of the migration off of Drupal 7 is dependent on the amount of custom code your D7 site is currently utilizing.

Partners to Help Your Migration

Drupal 7 is a complex migration. If you do not want to migrate alone, here are partners who can help!

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Don’t Forget

D9 EOL in November 2023

If you are migrating off of Drupal 7, we recommend you migrate to Drupal 10.


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