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Deliver products and services integrated with memorable experiences to your customers


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Build Experiences that Your Customers Want

Create a win-win simultaneously for you and your customers. While they enjoy exceptional offerings, you explore these benefits:


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Foster positive brand image and customer loyalty

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Increase new and existing revenue sources

Welcome to the Future of Retail

Take a look at how automation and technological innovation has reshaped retail business models and the broader value chain, creating organizations that believe in offering more for their customers.

Brands are Already Adopting Technologies to Meet the Benchmarks

AI Predictive Models

Enables analyzing customer behavior, preferences, emotions, and needs.


Personalized service offerings for customers  to boost sales.


Augments products for seamless customer trials without physical interaction.

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Acquia + Srijan can help you get there.

Acquia and Srijan have extensively built transformative digital paths for a wide range of businesses, right from Fortune 500 enterprises to nonprofits. We have championed an extensive gamut of technologies over the last two decades powering the new generation of MarTech and digital experience solutions that are built to perform and derive value for businesses, small and large alike.

We bring advanced engineering capabilities in digital experience space, and agile practices to some of the biggest names across Media-publishing, Retail, Telecom, Technology, and more.

We help you integrate technology that can curate the experiences that you need for your customers. With us, it is about building a solution that you truly need rather than simply joining the trend bandwagon.


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