What is Application Level Support and Why Does it Matter?

Tech support for digital experiences needs to support both the infrastructure and the application and understand how the two are interconnected.

In any relationship, business or personal, having good support means knowing that you can rely on the other party. When it comes to mission-critical applications, relationships with vendors that support those applications are crucial to their success and ultimately your peace of mind. 

Today, due to the rise of the phrase “Just Google it” and our increasing attachment to our phones, digital experiences have become mission critical and are often the first place where a prospective customer interacts with your brand. Today many enterprises choose the open source platform, Drupal, which provides tens of thousands of modules allowing the greatest digital ambitions to be brought to life. 

Due to all this freedom and flexibility, complexity can increase quickly. To eliminate some of the complexity at the infrastructure layer, many companies choose to host their Drupal sites with companies like Pantheon, and Acquia. However, this only solves a piece of the puzzle. It’s necessary for the vendor that supports your digital experience to have the ability to provide support for both the infrastructure and the application as well as understand how the two are interconnected. 

At Acquia, we believe that this kind of reliable, robust support is essential for all of our Acquia Cloud Platform customers. Our award-winning global support team works each day to bring customers proactive, in-depth support expertise for their Drupal applications at every layer of the stack, so they can rest assured that their digital experience is supported. Here’s how you can benefit from Acquia Cloud Platform’s “Application Level Support”.

An Army of Drupal Experts at Your Fingertips

You’re having trouble with your iPhone? You go to the Apple Genius. 

You’re having trouble with your Drupal Application? You go to a Drupal Expert.

Don’t have a Drupal Expert on deck? Need another? Acquia has you covered. 

Acquia has 10 full-time Drupal contributors working to resolve some of the most complex issues on and is ranked first in organizations contributing to Drupal (check out this awesome dashboard). Not to mention the rest of our employee-base, including support, is packed with Drupal experts. As an Acquia customer, you gain access to a  huge Drupal knowledge-base ranging from core owners to security team members, to module contributors. This knowledge-base allows us to offer insights at every step of your company’s digital transformation, spanning all aspects of assessment, diagnosis and recommended resolutions for your Drupal application. 

This depth of knowledge is what allows Acquia to offer support for all of our Acquia Cloud Platform Enterprise customers that other hosting companies simply can’t match.

Support for Any Project 

Acquia supports our Acquia Cloud Platform Enterprise customer’s Drupal application from the infrastructure to the application because we want to make sure our customer’s digital experiences are always available. Unlike alternative hosting platforms, such as Pantheon, that only offer application support for those who pay for their highest tier support plan, Acquia’s comprehensive Drupal application support is available to all, regardless of company size or budget. We want to ensure that customers who turn to us in times of trouble will be helped quickly and completely. 

Part of supporting any project is understanding and serving every customer on an individual level. We take an innovative, solutions-focused approach to your IT needs and actively offer new ways to improve and optimize your users’ digital experiences. Support at the application level means that our teams pay attention to the needs of your website (whether that be code updates, security improvements or application faults) and brainstorm innovative solutions to any gaps in functionality, security and site architecture. 

Beyond ad hoc support, if you’ve got a concern or a new project you’re interested in, Acquia wants to hear it. We offer  Advisory Hours—one-on-one best practice consultations with our support personnel on a wide range of best industry practices. Customers can access a real-time conversation and follow-up email from our support engineers to address any of their needs from workflow development to caching strategies to new feature builds. While support for our customer’s applications is a large piece of what keeps Acquia Cloud Platform Enterprise customers coming back; it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Customized Support, 24/7/365

Acquia’s world-class support organization includes a diverse mix of professionals in every time zone with years of experience in the software and open source space, particularly with Drupal. This world-class team doesn’t just pop in during major launches or show up only during your brand’s annual high traffic event. Our experts are focused on offering all-inclusive support for your websites every single day: 24/7/365. 

Tech support should be human and should be vocal when needed (nothing worse than getting an automated message). We take a personalized approach, offering a wide variety of options to get the solutions you need. For customers who prefer to resolve issues on their own, we offer an extensive documentation library and video tutorials. For collaborative support, you can also reach our support teams via customer-specific chat channels and 24/7 phone lines. In short: you can talk to a real person when you need to and discuss your issues one-on-one instead of restricting your support to a slack channel if you didn’t purchase the highest tier of support. While some Drupal hosting companies limit their consultations only to webchat, we understand the value in speaking to another human being who will fully grasp the nuance of whatever challenge you’re explaining. 

When your organization turns to Acquia, you know you’ve got a team of experts committed to understanding all of your digital initiatives and how they impact your customers. Application level support doesn’t pay attention to a single issue the moment it happens. It’s a proactive approach that strengthens your entire digital ecosystem before, during and after a problem arises. 
For more information on exactly what Acquia support can do for you, visit our customer success page.

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