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Selecting the Perfect Partner: Six Questions to Ask Before Your Next Digital Transformation Project

October 28, 2021 4 minute read
The key questions and qualifications to consider when searching for a partner for your digital transformation project.
Business team in glass conference room

Choosing the right team to fuel your digital transformation project can be a complex process. Sifting through an array of partners to find the right fit can take weeks, or even months, especially if you are trying to find a partner who can meet your business expectations while having the technical acumen to deliver a flawless project. 

The new Acquia Practice Certification (APC) program simplifies your search by validating each partner’s technical expertise and matching you with the most qualified team for your project. Be confident the provider you’ve chosen has the technical background to deliver your project by selecting an Acquia Certified Practice

Only Acquia certified practices that meet our highest standards of technical delivery earn an APC badge. They undergo a rigorous review of their expertise and must demonstrate a record of success on Acquia products and practices. Partners can earn certifications in three disciplines: Drupal Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Acquia Open DXP.

The APC program expands on our existing Developer Certification program by certifying a partner’s entire organization, rather than individuals.

When we set out to develop the APC program, we wanted to determine the key questions and qualifications customers consider when searching for a partner. The answers to those questions became the foundation of APC certification criteria. 

Customers vetting potential partners should ask these questions

1. How well does the potential partner understand the challenges facing your business, and how do they intend to use technology to solve them?

A viable potential partner should have a unique and specific point of view about your project, and demonstrable expertise in addressing your challenges. Acquia partners who earn certification have proven their consistent ability to understand client needs, develop innovative solutions and meet timing demands that would challenge less experienced groups. 

2. How much experience does the potential partner have delivering projects on the Acquia platform?

The more experience a partner has, the better that partner’s ability to anticipate any issues and to deliver your project on your timeline. To apply for certification, a partner must have successfully completed at least four projects on the Acquia platform within the last 24 months.

3. How many certified developers does the partner organization have on staff? 

Individuals who have earned an Acquia Developer Certification offer deep backgrounds in multiple project types, which bring insight and efficiency to your effort. The number of certified developers an organization employs is one of the key metrics we use to evaluate a partner's capabilities in the APC process.

4. Does the partner organization have a great reputation with other clients they've served?

Client referrals are a requirement of the Acquia Practice Certification program. Applicants must submit multiple examples of successful past projects with demonstrated customer satisfaction. 

5. Does the partner offer solutions that will enable you to manage your websites without requiring ongoing technical support?

To achieve certification, all partners must demonstrate expertise with Acquia Site Studio, our low-code solution that empowers marketers, content creators and other non-technical staff to create, update or change content, and even make basic design changes.

6. Is the partner organization continuously working to optimize their skills and credentials?

A key element to a partner’s success is their ability to stay current with their technical delivery skills. During the certification process, Acquia reviews the partner’s ongoing efforts to train their developers, develop their own internal practices and build accelerators that help them deliver projects more efficiently. Attaining an APC is a rigorous process, but the work doesn’t end with attaining the certification. Partners must demonstrate that they are keeping their skills fresh and supporting excellence at all levels of their organization.

The Acquia Practice Certification Program gives you a direct connection to some of the most accomplished organizations in the Acquia Partner Program. The APC badge provides assurance that you’re working with the best of the best. That means you can expect a smooth experience, an outstanding outcome and the business results you’re seeking.

The first Acquia Practice Certification partners are Bounteous, CI&T, Digitas, EPAM, Genuine, Northern, Perficient, Third & Grove, VMLY&R and Wunderman Thompson Agency.

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