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A New Home for Widen DAM

March 22, 2023 4 minute read
Widen DAM is now Acquia DAM. Learn about the rebrand and resources for the latest news and information for Acquia DAM.
Blog header image: A New Look for Widen DAM article.

Change is in the air. It’s been over a year since Acquia acquired Widen and during that time we’ve been working to bring our two great brands together into one. So without further ado, let us introduce you to our new Acquia DAM logo: 

Acquia DAM (Widen) logo

Widen was founded in 1948 as a printing and engraving company. The brand and logo evolved over time to the Widen “W” known today. Just as Widen continues to evolve with Acquia, the Widen “W” is merging with the Acquia drop to become one brand. 

Gif of Widen's logos over the years.

Over the last 70+ years, Widen has prided itself on building and creating exceptional products and services for customers. The evolution of the logo is representative of the commitment to keep that level of services and dedication strong as Widen fully becomes part of Acquia. 

What this means for customers

As the Widen and Acquia brands merge, our websites, support channels, social networks, and CRM systems will be combined in 2023. As part of this brand merge, the Widen product will also be rebranded as Acquia DAM. Later in 2023, you will notice changes in the product like an updated logo in the favicon and email footers, and the new name, Acquia DAM, in the product user interface (UI).

However, existing URLs, including your DAM site's URL, will stay the same and continue to work as they do now. This brand update will not affect you or your users’ access to DAM, Portals, embeds, SSO, APIs, integrations, or any other functionality.

Acquia DAM is also now able to integrate with all tools across Acquia’s digital experience platform (DXP) — as well as hundreds of other systems. But it’s also available as a standalone platform, too. Existing customers can count on receiving the high-quality software and support you’ve come to expect from Widen, only now with a new look and more resources for DAM information. 

Matthew Gonnering, former Widen CEO and current SVP and GM of Acquia DAM, shares more about our evolution in the State of Widen webinar: 

Watch State of Widen end of 2022 on YouTube.



Widen has always been here to help you along your DAM journey, with support, training, networking, and guidance. While that won’t change and service will always be part of our DNA, at Acquia, we also embrace your freedom to build tomorrow on your terms.

Where to go from here

Just as the logo has evolved, has seen quite a few changes over the years as well. Change is only natural, after all. So later this year, we will say goodbye to and you’ll get all of your digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) content here on This includes Acquia DAM product information, resources, support documents, training opportunities, and event information. 

Graphic mockup of Acquia DAM web homepage

As always, our social channels are also a great way to keep track of all the important news so if you aren’t doing so already, we encourage you to follow Acquia on: 




You’ll find all Acquia DAM news and so much more here!

All the DAM resources

So with phasing out, we want to assure you that you’ll still have access to support at your fingertips. Here are some resources you’ll want to bookmark: Anything you would have used to find, you’ll now turn to for. 

Emails: Don’t miss out on the latest Acquia DAM news. Be sure to update your email preferences to add email addresses to your safe sender list.

Acquia Academy: Widen University will merge with Acquia Academy later this year but for now, it can continue to be found at And if you need to access it and can’t find the link, you’ll always be able to get to it via 

The DAM Community: Widen Connect will continue to live on at for a bit longer too. However, if you need to find the link again, it will also be available from 

Support and community platforms: These will also merge later this year, but Acquia and Widen remain committed to providing a place for DAMsters to get help and interact with us and each other.

No matter where you find Widen or Acquia, you can alway count on us to provide services, solutions, resources, and community for all current and future customers. We’re thankful to have you on this exciting journey with us!

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