improving the employee experience

Acquia and Yext Boost Employee Engagement with New Approach to Employee Experience

July 30, 2021 4 minute read
Acquia and Yext announce an employee experience integration with AI search technology on a Drupal-powered intranet to improve employee engagement.
improving the employee experience

At the foundation of great customer experiences are the people who deliver them and make it all possible. The modern workplace continues to evolve, and with remote work on the rise, employees are engaging with their organizations more digitally. When employees can’t find the information they need fast, it decreases productivity and satisfaction, which ultimately translates to a less positive customer experience. Organizations need to catch up with these new expectations. To help foster a more connected workforce, we’re excited to announce Acquia’s integration with Yext, the AI Search Company, to provide an Employee Experience offering with AI search technology on a Drupal-powered intranet.  

Acquia and Yext have created an integration that makes it easy to add Yext AI search technology to your Drupal-powered intranet. This joint innovation decreases time-to-market via data connectors that sync each of Acquia’s core entity types to the Yext Knowledge Graph, a brain-like database that’s optimized for answering questions. With this method of storage, teams can create connections between data points and look up how they are linked or related to each other — which, in turn, enables the Yext search technology to answer complex, natural language questions. Employees can now find answers right at their fingertips for every question from, “How can I get my W2 form?” to “What are the latest customer product updates?” right at their fingertips.  

The overwhelming popularity of intuitive search experiences like Google and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa have made people expect answers to their questions in an instant. Digging through company manuals or outdated intranet bulletin boards no longer cuts it. With our approach to employee experience, users can quickly add the Yext search bar to their intranet through the Yext AI Search Drupal module. The open, API-first architecture of the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) integrates with Yext AI search capabilities to power better content discoverability. The low-code capabilities of Acquia Site Studio enable all contributors from marketing to HR to IT professionals to play a role in creating and deploying the content they need to fulfill their roles. An intuitive user experience and content presentation layer makes it faster and simpler to find relevant content and data and serve customers without getting stuck in bottlenecks. As employees search and teams collect more robust insights, they also have the option to further tailor the Yext search experience with developer-friendly tools. Acquia and Yext are united in serving up the right content directly to the right person to improve cross-collaboration at every level in the workplace. 

“As the preferred search provider for Acquia’s Employee Experience offering, Yext is putting advanced AI search at the fingertips of businesses who want to make searching for employee content a seamless experience across intranets, enablement portals and more. We’re so excited to see the heightened employee engagement, productivity, and efficiency businesses will experience when the answers they need are just a search away," said Tyler Donahue, Senior Director, Product Partnerships at Yext.

The future of work is one where no matter where you are, you can easily access the information you need to be successful and feel supported in the workplace. Today’s employees expect workplaces that are as connected and personalized to their needs as the brands they interact with in their free time. Organizations want their employees to spend time focusing on actually doing their job rather than searching for resources across disparate internal company databases and systems. 

Keeping employees up to speed on company updates, sharing relevant content on-demand and building a system to encourage employee feedback and organizational improvements are all actions that improve the employee experience. When your internal culture is built on the principles of self-service and accessible knowledge, it leads to improved employee retention, employee satisfaction, and employee productivity. The net result is more value across the entire organization. 

For more information on how Acquia and Yext deliver a joint approach to employee experience that empowers a more connected and collaborative workforce, check out our Employee Experience resource page.

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