Former Services Solutions Director, Acquia Inc.

Lyndon Hedderly

Lyndon Hedderly loves sailing.

“Whilst I’ve sailed across the Atlantic, around the Med, the Caribbean, the Adriatic, the Aegean Sea, as well as many North American Great Lakes, I’d love to one day sail around the world,” he said.

As the director of digital strategy in the pre-sales department of Acquia’s Reading, U.K., office, Hedderly enjoys helping customers on their own journeys – evolving, transforming and reinventing themselves to realize the value of their digital investments.

“The Acquia mission is to deliver the universal platform for the world’s greatest digital experiences. There’s a number of platform providers out there, but Acquia is differentiated in the open source area, it’s cloud-first, and the solutions are architected to be open API, which means it’s a great platform for websites,” he said.

“But it’s also a powerful platform for a long list of applications beyond a traditional websites. This is key as digital experiences expand into connected devices – Internet of Things, smartphones, chatbots, augmented and virtual reality headsets, and so on,” he said.

Hedderly enjoyed the digital strategy sessions with Burda Media in Munich, Germany.

“We helped Burda personalize their web properties depending on various user journeys and personas. One of their sites is,” he said. “Acquia isn’t just another technology provider for marketing software – our vision and mission truly has the potential to influence the digital landscape."

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