Adrianna Shukla, web operations manager, Acquia

Adrianna Shukla

Web Operations Manager

As web operations manager for Acquia, Adrianna Shukla manages the day-to-day operations related to the management and maintenance of Acquia’s digital properties. She oversees all website design and development tasks related to ongoing website functionality and in support of campaign-specific assets.

Adrianna brings six-plus years of Drupal related knowledge to the Acquia team, and has worked as a Drupal specialist since graduating from Bentley University, where she majored in marketing and minored in computer information systems.  

She started her Drupal journey as a web specialist at Bentley University working as a full-time intern and then employee. In her previous job, she worked as senior web manager for Onset Computer Corp in Bourne, Massachusetts, where she played a role in managing the corporate website (Drupal 7) and UX/front-end development on the java-based software platform.