Composable Architecture

Assemble and deploy digital experiences for any point in the customer journey
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Gain a competitive advantage

Composable architecture empowers your organization to be agile. Learn how it helps you adapt to an ever change world.


Composable Content

Customers expect content to be accessible on any digital screen, from a website to a conversational interface, and it will continue to evolve.

Composable Content

Composable Designs

Design elements and systems that can be reused across any digital experience. All with the proper governance to protect your brand.

Composable Designs

Composable Business Capabilities

With over 45,000 Drupal modules, you can integrate with all the back end systems you need to keep your business moving forward.

Composable Business Capabilities

Composable Stacks

Whether it's a customer facing or an employee focused digital experience, you need a common set of applications that serve as accelerators.

Composable Stacks

Structured, Flexible Data

A core feature of any architecture is structured data. In our system this is an “entity” which can be created, retrieved, edited, and reused as you use fit. Entity refers to content, users, media, terms, or any other form of data that can be managed. It's the foundational architecture for assembling digital experiences.

Structured Content
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Layout and Display

Modern tools should to empower business users to assemble and control the experience. With an advanced UI offering native layout options and contextual, dynamic display of content, Acquia CMS is designed to enable the best experience assembly whether it needs to remain static, interactive, or is constantly evolving. 

Configure experiences through low-code

We offer a “config instead of code” approach. This pattern allows control of your experience without having to write code. This has been our vision and reality for 20+ years. You are never starting from scratch.

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Restful Interface via JSON

API first, always

With JSONAPI, GraphQL, and native support for custom REST endpoints, we define the Hybrid Headless model. It will serve your needs when it comes to connectivity and a flexible delivery model without missing a beat.


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