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A Customer Data Platform Is the Key to any Multichannel Marketing Hub

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • What a multichannel marketing hub is and why you should consider one
  • What marketers should look for in a multichannel marketing hub
  • The key role of data and the advantages of a CDP-driven marketing hub
  • Essential features to look for when evaluating a CDP
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This white paper, authored by the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute, explains why a CDP-driven multichannel marketing hub is the best choice for leading organizations. 


There are over 8,000 marketing tools available today. And while unifying these tools in the martech stack is important, it also poses real challenges. 

Multichannel marketing hubs have emerged to address this problem, attracting the interest of more and more marketers. But how can you make sure the hub you select will deliver on its promise to improve both marketing efficiency AND marketing effectiveness? 

The secret is a robust and flexible customer data platform (CDP).

Authored by the Customer Data Platform Institute 



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