The Challenges and Opportunities Related to Delivering Digital Experiences

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • How DXPs drive digital transformation and why they remain a top business priority 
  • The factors respondents value most when evaluating DXP vendors
  • How organizations are using DXPs to address business challenges and opportunities
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Modern businesses face unprecedented challenges in meeting modern consumer expectations, hindered by legacy web content management systems that fail to support dynamic, personalized content delivery across diverse platforms. While emerging solutions like headless and composable content management systems seek to fill that gap, many organizations continue to grapple with the complexities of implementation and integration in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

To address these challenges, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group explored the business drivers, challenges, and opportunities influencing the DXP market in an e-book titled The Evolution of Digital Experience Platforms.  

The report offers comprehensive insights into the shifting digital experience landscape, explores real business use cases, and highlights strategies for success.

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