CDP Machine Learning Models: What You Need To Know

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Explore key differences among machine learning systems
  • Learn to identify what machine learning features will work best for your business goals
  • Review a machine learning model development and deployment checklist
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Machine learning is a valuable ally when it comes to learning more about your customers. As more data flows in from more people and devices, sifting through it all and making strategic decisions can be a heavy lift. Your customer data platform (CDP) does an excellent job of storing, organizing, and presenting customer data, but the sheer data volume an enterprise needs to make sense of is staggering. 

That’s why CDP machine learning models are here. They help make marketers capable of superhuman feats with data-driven customer insights. This paper details exactly what you need to know about how to harness machine learning to give your organization an extra boost to handle the increasingly complex world of customer data.