How Healthcare Organizations Can Deliver Better Digital Experiences for Patients

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Rising patient expectations for exceptional digital healthcare experiences 
  • What healthcare providers need to facilitate better digital patient experiences 
  • How to meet industry and consumer needs with a digital experience platform (DXP)
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With 70% of healthcare consumers preferring digital solutions to in-person or phone-based options for their non-emergency care needs, healthcare providers (HCPs) need to follow suit. COVID-19 magnified the need for better healthcare infrastructure — both digital and in-person. 

As the digital-first nature of modern healthcare continues to grow, digital experience platforms (DXP) are a useful tool that can help HCPs deliver the digital experiences patients are looking for. This infographic covers what patients are looking for, what HCPs need to provide, how a DXP can bring it all together, and what success looks like.

Healthcare Digital Experience Infographic

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