The CMO Guide to Website Redesign

Redesigning and rebuilding a website is a huge and costly undertaking. Here's how to get your project supported, funded, launched and successful.
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There are many reasons CMOs embark on a website redesign, from a need for new messaging to reintroducing a brand after a merger or acquisition to keeping pace with new technology and customer expectations.

We decided to rebuild in 2020 to better spotlight our products, upgrade to Drupal 9 to modernize the look and feel of the site and improve usability, and use our own solutions to accelerate our own digital transformation.

In this guide, we’ll examine the steps CMOs should follow to get their website redesign projects started:

  • Evaluating the present-day site with an audit
  • Identifying your project “North Star” within a creative brief
  • Building the investment case to get the redesign funded
  • Keeping stakeholders across the organization informed and happy
  • Putting your plan into action with a project kickoff

To learn more about the development process we undertook, get our companion guide, “The Developer’s Guide to Website Redesign.”