Multisite Management: What CMOs and Business Leads Need to Know

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Enterprises manage an average of 268 customer-facing websites and consistency across your web presence is paramount for creating a compelling customer experience. Patchwork, improvised website management processes are no longer sustainable.

A centralized, multisite management approach leveraging an open-source, cloud-based solution can give enterprises the flexibility, security, control and efficiency they need to deliver digital experiences that keep pace with both market shifts and changes in customer demand.

This e-book explores the benefits of a multisite approach that enables technical and non-technical web content developers to manage hundreds or even thousands of web properties and publish new content quickly and easily.

Learn what our experts have to say about:

  • The business challenge of dealing with or trying to prevent site sprawl
  • The advantages of replatforming with a multisite approach
  • How to evaluate if a multisite approach is right for your organization
  • Case studies by brands utilizing a multisite approach


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