The Marketer’s Guide to Developer Relations

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Too often, marketing messages fail to reach or engage developer audiences at best, completely alienating them at the worst.

The conflict begins with the concept of “developer marketing” versus “developer relations.” It’s a clash of cultures coming from two totally different schools of thought on what content should be. However, the key to any successful marketing remains the same; developing a long-standing relationship with your audience.

In this ebook, written in partnership with several core contributors to the Drupal community, we'll bridge that gap and cover the following:

  • Writing for developers
  • Collaborating with internal experts
  • Getting involved with the community
  • What is GitHub and why it matters
  • Social media for developers
  • How developers can leverage sales and marketing

Download "The Marketer's Guide to Developer Relations" and get started creating and delivering content developers will actually care about.

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