How U.S. Government Agencies Offer an Improved Online Experience

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Your organization can deliver the streamlined, personalized web experiences and online services constituents expect. Developments in technology are transforming nearly every industry — and government is no exception. Today, federal, state, and local government agencies are seeking to improve the way they engage with constituents online, and how they deliver public services.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the challenges, benefits, and the next steps in this journey — and how government agencies can enable constituents to reap the benefits of an open, collaborative approach to digital services.

Acquia is committed to the U.S. public sector. We offer the infrastructure, people, skill set, and support to help solve the digital challenges government faces. Any digital service must be tailored to each agency’s individual requirements, from a small city council to a major federal government department. Requirements, such as accessibility, and regulations must be
satisfied. The most effective and efficient approach involves building platforms that others can build upon, and providing resources like APIs that others can use. The Acquia platform is open and built to be API-first, making it easy to meet an organization’s specific needs and suit its environment.


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