Building the Composable Enterprise: The True Digital Transformation

Innovation and digital transformation demand a new approach to enterprise architecture. Composability is the key to evolving your digital experience.
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Does your enterprise architecture support innovation or limit it? If you're on a legacy architecture that is neither flexible nor adaptable, you may find yourself stuck, trying to catch up to customers' and employees' expectations of digitalization. 

A new approach to enterprise architecture is needed to drive innovation and digital transformation. This approach is composability. With a composable architecture, brands can leverage composable content, composable data, composable design and composable journeys to fuel composable engagement.

In this e-book, you'll learn about the composable enterprise and how composability changes organizations' approach to digital experience. We'll go over:

  • Where to start when modernizing enterprise architecture
  • The limitations of legacy architectures
  • What the alternative to legacy architecture — a composable architecture — looks like
  • How to balance flexibility and control with composability
  • Examples of composability in action