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The company wanted to be Belgium’s biggest mutuality.


Its previous solution provided multiple speedbumps on the pathway to attracting and retaining members.

Our Solution

Drupal, Acquia Cloud Edge, Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Code Studio, Acquia Content Hub, Acquia Cloud IDE, Acquia Personalization, Acquia Site Factory, Acquia Site Studio


CM can quickly and easily build subsites between four and six times faster than before.

The Client

Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten (LCM, or simply CM) is the National Association of Christian Mutalities and, with 4.5 million members, is the largest health insurance fund in Belgium. Its operation is based on values ​​such as solidarity, respect for the person, and attention to others, especially the most vulnerable. 

The Situation

CM wanted to be the biggest, largest growing mutuality in Belgium, attracting new members and retaining existing ones. To do this, it realized it needed a better system for its marketers to launch campaigns, raising awareness of health information and attracting members. And the organization was reorganizing from 19 regions to three entities (National, Flemish, and French).

Additionally, the organization wanted to launch six satellite campaigns each year while growing its content team to include non-coders. It also wanted a mobile app and needed a developer-friendly system that worked with Angular and React components.

CM sought an all-in-one solution in a digital experience platform (DXP) with a state-of-the-art architecture that enabled modular services for developers and marketers, was reliable and loyal, and could facilitate a multichannel approach that would generate business.

The Challenge

CM faced numerous challenges on its pathway to attracting and retaining members. Specifically, its previous solution, Tridon, didn’t give the organization multi-region control. Licensing was complex, and so were campaign procedures. Team members had to requisition expensive outside agency work that diverted budget from other projects. The marketing team wasn’t happy with satellite campaigns and found it expensive to internally spin up microsites.

With no clear view of document management, no mobile app, no personalization, no up-to-date information for members, poor servicing, and the threat of GDPR fines, the organization realized it needed to revamp its corporate websites. 

The Solution

CM partnered with Tobania, who analyzed its needs and selected Acquia products, configuring and developing components, then training CM staffers to manage and build up the sites. Following their guidance, CM’s content editors began building pages and filling in content. 

From an operational standpoint, Drupal provides an open source, scalable, integrated system that is secure, reliable, and predictable. This has allowed the content team to build without needing to rely on coders — and as a result, the team has grown and feels confident that the platform will support it as it continues to scale.

With Acquia technology, CM’s team can share code across its three corporate websites, setting up site-specific configurations to customize each site. Users can easily search across sites, allowing them to easily find the information they need. And the websites can be personalized according to a customer’s profile and browsing behavior, delivering a more compelling user experience. 

The Results

Beginning with a youth site that took six weeks to deliver, Tobania built multiple sites hosted on Acquia Cloud Platform built in Site Studio, secured by Acquia Edge, and personalized with Acquia Personalization. The teams plan to integrate Campaign Studio soon. This has allowed CM to quickly and easily build subsites between four and six times faster than before. 

With Acquia, CM was able to reduce contract complexity, decrease the cost of new sites and features​, reduce budget spend on external agency development​, reduce call center volume​, and reduce the potential of security attacks.  

The new platform’s additional benefits include:

  • An empowered team of marketers and content managers who can build sites without relying on coding
  • A mobile app that allows members to easily service policies
  • A clearer view on document licensing, availability, and versioning
  • An open source solution that doesn’t lock the organization into a particular vendor
  • A scalable system capable of supporting spikes on campaign sites and allowing the team to grow
  • An integrated system that is secure, reliable, and predictable

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