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Why Acquia is the #1 CDP for Retail

Acquia CDP has been helping retailers turn their data into ROI generating campaigns for over 16 years. Learn the 7 reasons Acquia CDP is the best CDP for the retail industry.
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Purpose Built for Retail Use Cases

Customer Data Platforms help retailers unify, understand, and action data. With tens of millions of customer records, millions of events and thousands of transactions a day, no industry benefits more from a CDP than Retail. Yet with more than 80 vendors claiming they offer CDP capabilities, the landscape is complex and confusing. Acquia CDP is purpose built for retail, and the best option for retailers looking to take control of their first party data strategy to action data that results in revenue generating campaigns.

More Retail ROI Than Any CDP

No vendor in the market has more retail customers that Acquia. Most importantly, our customers see massive ROI with Acquia CDP. On average, customers see a 150% increase in return on ad spend, 300% increase in customer lifetime value, and a 20% increase in business revenue.

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Unparalled Experience and Industry Expertise

Acquia has 16+ years of experience in the CDP space. Our team of technologists and data scientists have built a flexible, fully featured platform to meet the most complex retail use cases. Every Acquia CDP customer will have a dedicated retail expert included as part of their subscription to help them extract maximum value from a CDP.

Machine Learning Made Marketer Ready

Only Acquia CDP can unlock machine learning across the entire organization so that marketers can quickly and easily use ML models to build the best and most targeted campaigns possible.

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A True 360 View of Customer

Leading organizations are seeking a single, accurate source of truth across their entire business. Only by unifying data from all sources to create a 360 profile can organizations gain the accurate insights to help create more impactful campaigns. Yet what does a “single view of customer” really mean? What was once a legitimate goal for businesses to achieve has become a buzzword that everyone claims they can achieve. Use this comprehensive checklist to determine who can really meet the requirements meet the requirements for a true 360 customer view that can help turn customer insights into revenue.

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Advanced Capabilities For Retail Use Cases

Covid-19 Dashboard

Last year Acquia worked with 15 retail customers to deliver the industry's first Covid-19 dashboard. The dashboard includes over 40 pre-built reports offering actionable insights into how Covid-19 is impacting businesses.This is just one example of Acquia’s ability to support retail requirements, whether it be Covid-19, digital only payments, new channels of engagement, or whatever the future may hold. Learn more about the Covid-19 Dashboard.

The Only Fully Featured CDP

Retailers have an incredibly complex technology stack and face an increasing need to communicate with customers everywhere: from stores to call centers, websites to email, and emerging technology and other smart devices. When thinking about investing in CDP, retailers must think through how to achieve not only their initial use cases, but the most complex as the strive to deliver a truly omnichannel experience. Only Acquia received check marks for every capability in the CDP Institute's RealCDP Report. Retailers need a CDP that can support not only simple use cases, but the most complex. Read the CDP Institute Report.