The Best CDP for Retail

Acquia CDP has made a name helping retailers turn customer data into ROI generating campaigns.

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Purpose Built for Retail

Customer data platforms help organizations unify, understand, and act on data. With mountains of customer records and digital actions every day, a CDP is a must-have for the retail industry. Acquia CDP is purpose built for retail, making it the best option to take control of your data strategy to build relevant, revenue generating campaigns.

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A True 360° Customer View

An accurate, single source of truth for customer data is a modern business essential. Only by unifying data from all sources to create 360° customer data profiles can organizations gain accurate insights to help inform more impactful campaign creation. Use this comprehensive checklist to determine who can really meet the requirements for a true 360° customer view.

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AI-Driven Retail Insights

The platform’s AI capabilities are specifically designed for the retail sector, offering predictive analytics that forecast future behaviors and preferences. This allows marketers to craft personalized engagement strategies that resonate deeply with individual customer needs.

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OOTB Retail Dashboards

Get insights quickly with standard retail dashboards including market basket analysis, customer behavior, product performance, store and regional performance, and customer acquisition.

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Seamless Omnichannel Customer Journeys

Acquia’s extensive network of connectors ensures that customer data flows seamlessly across all channels. Retailers can orchestrate a unified and consistent omnichannel experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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