Campaigns at Scale

Broaden your reach while keeping a consistent brand experience across campaign instances. Campaign Factory gives you the scale you need on all customer touchpoints.

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Distributed Marketing

Deploy your marketing efficiently and effectively, and connect with customers where they are to build more meaningful connections at scale.

Acquia Campaign Factory Top Features
Centrally manage distributed Acquia Campaign Studio instances, scaling operations across your entire business.
Manage All Orchestration Instances
Empower every business unit with an orchestration solution while maintaining global visibility and control.
Deploy New Instances On-the-Fly
Create a “golden instance” & deploy new Acquia Campaign Studio instances in minutes as your needs evolve.
Replicate Best Practices
Sign-in & send. Template & replicate all orchestration elements, from audiences, to campaigns, to creative.
Replicate Campaigns Across Instances
Increase efficiency by replicating your automated campaigns, emails, and landing pages across instances.
Brand Your Acquia Campaign Studio Instances
Customize your Acquia Campaign Studio instances to match your company’s or client’s brand look and feel.
Analyze Results in Aggregate
Maintain a global view of how all of your campaigns, emails, and content are performing across your business.