The Best Developer Experience

Easy-to-use and flexible tools to build powerful Drupal applications. Created by developers for developers.

Highlighted Features

Integrated Development Environments in the Cloud

IDEs provide a place to write your code - as a service. You don’t need to set up your local machine. Acquia will do it for you on the Cloud.

Development tools to help you build faster

CLI, Cloud API, direct SSH access, Cloud Hooks, and Live Development make building your digital experience simple without sacrificing freedom, flexibility, or control. Our API-first platform lets you automate any phase of the development workflow.

Low-Code to expedite development timelines

With low code developers can create features once and allow non-technical users to use them across pages and sites. This approach limits busy work for developers and helps them focus on  feature development or integration work.

Security and Compliance

The highest security standards in the market today from FEDRAMP to HIPAA to PCI compliance. Reclaim time spent on security by taking advantage of the built-in security features Acquia provides.

Build Decoupled Drupal Apps on a Single Platform

Use our Decoupled Drupal starter kit to build your back-end application and server side rendered front-end application on the same platform with our Node.js offering. We’ve got you covered.


Drag and Drop

We Are the Drupal Experts, and We're Devoted to Your Success

You don’t just get a platform, you get the most knowledgeable Drupal experts and the tools to maximize your developer experience. We provide expert Drupal application support, helping you to develop and even debug your custom Drupal code. We’ve optimized the Cloud stack for you.

We’ve used our expertise to build the fastest and most secure Drupal platform and tools. Applications hosted on Acquia Cloud benefit from having the right tools and the right configuration available out of the box.

Stay in Control Without Sacrificing Flexibility

Our tools make development simple without sacrificing freedom and flexibility. Acquia’s Cloud API and Cloud Hooks let you automate your development workflow. If you can click it, you can script it. Direct SSH access keeps you in complete control of developing and debugging.

Need to perform a quick hotfix? Acquia Cloud allows for Live Development right on our servers without the hassle of reproducing the issue locally. Run what you want when you want with our completely customizable Drupal Cron Jobs. Add as many databases to your application as you’d like and scale your application by leveraging Drupal’s multisite functionality.


Live Development

Acquia Vs. Pantheon

Features Acquia Pantheon
Multiple database support
Multiple sites per application
SSH access & on server development
GUI-based Windows & Mac compatible local LAMP stack
Low Code Site Building
Node.js support
Built-in continuous integration
Log streaming
HIPAA, SOC 1, FISMA, FedRAMP compliance
Drupal application support