Enterprise Availability

Enterprise Availability & Disaster Recovery

Is it even recovery if there’s no downtime? Built on AWS infrastructure, Acquia’s Cloud employs server redundancy, disaster recovery solutions and constant support and monitoring to make sure we make good on our 99.95% uptime guarantee.

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Infrastructure that won't fail on you

Our tech infrastructure has redundancies at every layer of an application: reverse proxy caching and load balancing, web infrastructure, and secure data management. So if your server goes down, there's another one right there to keep your app live.

Infrastructure that won't fail on you
Essential disaster recovery solutions

Essential disaster recovery solutions

We're proud to support organizations needing extremely high availability and extensive disaster recovery plans. Acquia also offers Replication across multiple countries, with Failover for those who need more from our high availability architecture.

24x7 critical support and monitoring

Many of Acquia's team of experts aren't just experts—they're the people who built Drupal. They actively monitor and maintain the health of Acquia's Cloud infrastructure, including on-call support, automated patching, and managed security updates.

24x7 critical support and monitoring
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More About Acquia CMS

An out-of-the box version of Drupal with enhanced capabilities you won't find anywhere else. All maintained by Acqua.

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Acquia CMS Performance Monitoring

Understand and optimize CMS performance with data from every layer of the technology stack at your fingertips.

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