Sketch + Acquia DAM

Seamlessly sync Sketch with Acquia DAM for efficient asset management and collaboration

Integrate Sketch with Acquia DAM to streamline your design process. This integration enables direct access to Acquia's robust digital asset repository within the Sketch environment, ensuring that designers can easily fetch, update, and collaborate on assets in real-time. Simplify asset management, maintain version control, and enhance team productivity by keeping all resources synchronized and accessible across platforms.

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Real-Time Design Collaboration

Enhance teamwork with the Sketch integration, allowing designers to collaborate in real time. Access work management tools like Acquia DAM directly within Sketch to streamline task tracking and project updates.

illustration of a person surrounded by various digital mediums
navy and pink line art of image and video icons surrounding a laptop with a coghweel in the center

Centralized Creative Access

Utilize the CI HUB Connector in Sketch for seamless browsing across Acquia DAM. Gain instant access to all your essential creative assets and content, accelerating the design process.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Simplify your creative workflow with drag and drop capabilities. Easily transfer images, icons, graphics, and both standard and custom metadata directly into your Sketch projects, enhancing efficiency and design precision.

illustration of an image being dropped into a drag and drop container