Showpad + Acquia DAM

Equip your sales team with the latest content from Acquia DAM

Showpad is a sales enablement platform designed to equip sales teams with the content, knowledge, and tools necessary for effective engagements with prospects. By centralizing content and integrating training modules, Showpad enhances sales representatives' readiness and ensures they present the most relevant information during interactions. With analytics and insights, the platform also offers feedback on content usage and performance, helping organizations refine their sales strategies and improve overall outcomes.


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Acquia DAM and Showpad integration

Align sales and marketing

Marketing and creative teams centrally manage versioning and distribution for all digital assets in Acquia DAM, while sending the latest to sales via Showpad.


Distribute sales content quickly

  • Share updated assets without having to upload new ones to Showpad
  • Give every sales team the right messaging
  • Save time with fewer sales requests and increase team productivity
  • Lower loss of revenue opportunity from outdated content
  • Deliver a more consistent experience across all channels
Acquia DAM and Showpad Screens
Acquia DAM and Showpad integration metadata

How it works

  • Trigger a sync of the file and metadata from Acquia DAM to Showpad by switching the publish to Showpad metadata value to “yes” 
  • Synced assets can be included in any Showpad presentations, from simple showcases to advanced apps with interactivity
  • Backtrack sales assets to original creator and created date
  • See which assets are being used by sales, and which aren’t


Equip your sales team with the latest content from Acquia DAM