Mediafly + Acquia DAM

Automate the flow of content from your digital asset management (DAM) system into Mediafly's sales enablement platform

Mediafly is a sales enablement and content management platform that equips sales and marketing teams with the tools to deliver dynamic, interactive presentations and collateral. By optimizing content delivery, Mediafly enhances engagement during sales pitches, ensuring more impactful and personalized interactions with prospects. With features like analytics, content personalization, and integration capabilities, Mediafly aims to elevate the sales process, driving efficiency and improving outcomes.

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Mediafly and Acquia DAM integration screenshots

Content-powered sales enablement

Access approved, up-to-date content from one user interface to optimize workflows.

Eliminate manual steps by avoiding the need to download files from Acquia DAM and then upload them to Mediafly

Accelerate workflows by providing access to Acquia DAM assets from within Mediafly

Leverage Mediafly’s  analytic tools to understand content engagement

Automate content workflows to minimize manual steps

Seamlessly sync assets and metadata from Acquia DAM to Mediafly

When designated assets are uploaded to Acquia DAM they can also be pulled into Mediafly

Sync selected asset metadata to Mediafly, including the title, description, and keyword fields

Mediafly integration, automate content workflows
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