Jira + Acquia DAM

Efficiently manage assets by integrating Jira attachments with Acquia DAM metadata

Streamline workflows with the Acquia DAM and Jira integration. Automatically sync issue attachments to assets, enhancing data management with optional metadata transfer. 

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Key Benefits

  • Automated Asset Uploads: Eliminates manual effort by automatically uploading attachments from Jira to Acquia DAM once the "Ready for Upload" status is reached.   
  • Metadata Synchronization: Enhances asset discoverability by populating metadata directly from Jira's issue fields, ensuring relevant and accurate asset details.
  • Workflow Streamlining: Keeps your team organized by automatically moving completed tasks to the "Done" bucket, making task progress tracking effortless.
  • Access Convenience: Improves collaboration and provides quick reference by leaving a direct link to the uploaded asset in the Jira comments.

Discover How Our Integration Works

  • The integration starts working when a change is made to a Jira issue. You can choose which projects or issue statuses to focus on.
  • The integration moves attachments from Jira issues into Acquia DAM as new assets. It can be set to transfer all attachments or just the most recent ones.
  • Optionally, the integration can update asset information in Acquia DAM with details from Jira, and vice versa. This includes things like issue status and comments in Jira or asset groups and categories in Acquia DAM.
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