Figma + Acquia DAM

Sync Figma with Acquia DAM for real-time asset updates and seamless collaboration

Streamline your Figma workflow with the Acquia DAM integration. Automatically sync updated assets and metadata directly within Figma and ensure all team members can access up-to-date files instantly, boosting productivity and maintaining design integrity.

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Instant Asset Retrieval

Search and upload Acquia DAM assets directly in Figma, streamlining the design process and eliminating the need to navigate away from your creative environment.

Illustration of a monitor with various different technological capabilities around it
navy and pink line art of image and video icons surrounding a laptop with a coghweel in the center

Content Sharing Across Organizations

Facilitate broader content utilization across departments with integrated asset management, ensuring all teams have access to the same, updated resources for consistent branding and messaging.

Unified Content Management

Maintain a single source of truth for all digital assets, giving the whole organization access to the most current files, reducing brand content errors.

illustration of connected filed with a cogwheel and a server in the middle