Enwoven + Acquia DAM

Add context to your company’s historical and cultural files.

Enwoven is a multimedia content collaboration platform designed to capture, organize, and present stories and knowledge within organizations. By integrating various forms of media like text, images, and videos, Enwoven creates immersive narratives, enabling richer communication and understanding. This platform aids businesses in onboarding, training, brand storytelling, and preserving institutional knowledge in a dynamic and engaging manner.


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Provide Captivating Content

Every asset tells a story and with Acquia DAM’s Enwoven integration you can tell yours. Access your files from the DAM to bring them to life through Enwoven’s storytelling frameworks like timelines, maps, and series.
  • Add context to your content
  • Use your assets to tell your company’s story
  • Share your culture, history, and heritage
  • Create team and cultural alignment
  • Preserve innovations, knowledge, and learnings for the future


How it works

  • Import assets into Enwoven directly from the Acquia DAM
  • Enhance your assets with audio notes, cover photos, text, comments, tags, locations, and dates
  • Map your company insights to create training and knowledge-sharing content for future teams and projects
  • Increase engagement with your company's historical, intellectual, and educational content
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Bring your story to life

Import assets from the Acquia DAM into Enwoven to begin shaping your story. Connect assets using storytelling frameworks and stay organized by sorting new assets into collections by subject or theme.

  • Connect your story using a wide range of multimedia
  • Collaborate on content and share with your teams
  • Import files directly from Acquia to Enwoven
  • Keep assets safe with single sign-on and enterprise permissioning
See what stories your assets will tell.