Widen + Acquia: Combine the Power of DAM With Data and Marketing Automation to Activate Brand Content Across Your CX

What's Covered?

  • The challenges of maintaining brand consistency across digital assets, campaigns, and channels
  • The importance of unlocking and unifying your customer data to drive greater engagement
  • Automating workflows and building memorable, cohesive brand experiences
  • Leveraging a multi-tenant architecture to manage resources at scale and adhere to brand guidelines
Additional Info

Delivering consistent, data-driven customer experiences at scale is a tall order for large organizations. But with an effective distributed marketing approach and the right data strategy, companies can build personalized campaigns while ensuring brand unity across every market, region, and subsidiary. All you need is the right technology.

Marketing automation tools help organizations create cohesive customer experiences at scale, while a customer data platform (CDP) indicates the types of content that drives engagement from a given audience.

Watch this webinar to learn how leveraging your DAM solution with marketing automation tools and a CDP can help you activate your brand content at scale, drive ROI through targeted marketing campaigns, and deliver seamlessly connected experiences.

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    Jake Athey

    Vice President, Marketing and Sales